Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update About This Blog

It's been almost a week since I last announced new changes to this blog. For repeat readers, you may have already noticed certain changes. I thought it might be helpful to summarize any new trends/blogging habits and speculate about the future (everyone loves speculation!).

I noticed a change in my blogging habits, which may hold until a future announcement:
  • I have been posting about 3-4 times a day, if health (I fell sick on Tuesday night) allows. This is a colossal improvement over the 1-2 times a week before.
  • In terms of the topics I blog about, they seem to be 1-2 posts on tech news, 1 post on world news, and 1-2 on any other topic.
  • There are reasons for the above. For one, I read news during work and through the useful Chrome extension, I can directly blog about any article I come across. These news posts are short but highly subjective and prone to my opinions. The last type of posts require more thought and often are longer.
  • Still have to add images or video to my posts. Main reason is that I'd like to start off with self-taken photographs before attempting to borrow (or plagiarize) from other websites.
  • The best means to navigate this blog currently is through the tags or searchbar. I just went through and updated for old posts. The news posts are not properly tagged until the day after because the aforementioned Chrome extension does not the adding of tags directly. I will update the pages directory when I have more time.
In terms of the monetization process, astute readers may have seen the ad link on my review of the Great Expectations book (by Charles Dickens). This is conducted through Amazon Associates program -- which is very useful when referring to specific products. The commission margin is tiny (5%) but could add up if the product is pricey enough (and if readers click through and buy). It was an experiment and I will probably continue to experiment.

As for the Google AdSense, my account is currently on hold as Google proceeds to make a first payment. (Big thanks to anyone who checked out the ads!). The amount will probably come out to be $2-5, which may be small but it's an encouraging start nonetheless. I will be putting this into my "camera fund".

I have also purchased a domain name for potentially migrating this blog off blogger. It was a great deal --$2 for a one-year domain name of through We'll see what happens!

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