Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quad-Core Tablets?! Yes Please!

Looks like today is a tech day. I've been catching up (or is it getting ahead?) on tech developments and found some very interesting news. Or at least the news were significant enough to reevaluate my gadget plans for the near future.

Following up on the previous post on anticipated tech products, I think I might hold off on acquiring a tablet computer until the next-generation Nvidia Tegra processor (code named Kal-El) is released. According to the following report, this looks to be in the near future -- perhaps as early as this summer. This is consistent with the claim from the manufacturer Asus that they would release a Kal-El-based tablet beginning this August.

NVIDIA: At least 10 quad-core Tegra-based devices in the works

So how significant is the release of Kal-El (aka Tegra 3)? For starters, it will be the first quad-core ARM chip to make its debut and pack five times the power of the current Tegra 2. This is good news since there have been reports that, despite all its processing prowess, the Tegra 2 is beat in benchmarks by antiquated computer processors like Intel's Core 2 Duo. I do not not anticipate Kal-El to take a gigantic leap forward --such as being competitive with Intel's i7-- but I foresee a big improvement. Personally, a quad-core gadget has been on my wishlist for a while and I did not think it may come in the form of a tablet. It is a very pleasant surprise.

Originally (even until a few moments ago), I thought about waiting for tablets like the Asus Transformer or the freshly-reviewed Samsung Tab 10.1. But this news will likely push back my acquisition plan until Kal-El is released. In addition, Google announced its next Android revision (Ice Cream Sandwich) last week. The latter probably will come later than the release of Kal-El though.

One of the things to keep in mind is the speed of technological innovations, especially on the gadget front. The newest and greatest gadgets often look outdated a few months following its initial release. So common dictates that one should not wait. However, this changes depending on personal preferences. I realize that for me, I have no immediate need for a tablet and thus can afford to wait a couple of extra months. If the Asus Transformer drops further in price, I might just scoop it up.

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