Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Follow Up: Apple 10th Retail Anniversary

According to a new report from BGR, the planned Apple release to commemorate its 10th retail anniversary may be an integration of NFC payment systems into its iproduct line. What a bummer. I personally do not find this exciting at all...

NFC payment systems coming to Apple Store locations?

...But it does hold major implications for the future of the iplatform, as well as the future of electronic transactions. Just as its Apps Store allowed developers from anywhere to submit applications, these NFC systems would theoretically allow electronic transactions to happen anywhere.

Want to pay for a Craigslist service/product with your credit card? Sure, if the seller has an i-enabled NFC system in place.

[Correction: looks like I misread the initial report from BGR. Whatever is going to be released to celebrate will not be done "tomorrow" (my mistake), nor tomorrow (as in Thursday), but probably this weekend sometime....somewhere.]

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