Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amazon's Entrance into the Tablet Wars

Judging by the amount of quad-core tablet news I've been posting lately, you'd presume (correctly) that it is one of my main priorities right now. It's not as much as a leap in technology development rather than the fact that I do not own a tablet. And I want to own a tablet. But it's also an expensive piece of gadgetry that warrants thorough research before deciding.

Where am I going with this? Well, nothing other than pointing out another quad-core tablet on the horizon! As this post from CNET (formerly one of my favorite gadget sites) indicates, Amazon is preparing the release of two tablets in the coming months. The price points look very sweet indeed!

Based on the rumors out there, it seems Amazon is targeting different segments with its two tablets. One, codename "Coyote", will be a 7-inch tablet featuring a Tegra 2 processor (meh). The second, codename "Hollywood", will be a 10-inch tablet featuring a Tegra 3 (the oft-discussed Kal-El) processor. Their rumored prices are $349 and $449 respectively.

The Coyote sounds like and is priced attractively, but since I'm no longer considered these Tegra 2 devices, it is the Hollywood that has my attention now. I'm sure it will be a good product -- based on Amazon's reputation and how this tablet looks to be a centerpiece in their future expansion (read: world-domination) plans. The big questions are the release date, and how it will compete against the rumored Kal-El offering from Asus.

May the best product will win the honor of becoming my first tablet purchase!

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