Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Strauss-Kahn's Rape Allegations

The week is still young and yet multiple scandals have broken out involving some form of womanizing. One involved the Governator (Arnold Schwhowyouspellit) and his former housemaid, with whom the former fathered a child not many years ago. His wife unsurprisingly has separated from him. This morning I watched news anchors comment on Arnold's ability to have kept the secret for so long. This is true -- how was he able to maintain secrecy for so long?

Anyway, this post is not a discussion on the Governator's woes but rather about a bigger scandal: the allegations of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a current IMF director and a prominent candidate for French presidency, having attempted to rape a hotel worker in New York. He has since been arrested and imprisoned; the world is in shock from this news. How can such a prominent person be so stupid?

Conspiracy theorists have been hard at work in conjuring possibilities. The main theory is that this is a set-up by the incumbent French President, Nicholas Sakorzy, whose popularity is at the all-time low of his presidency. So it would make sense for Sakorzy to plant a scandal on his biggest challenger. But the fact that the alleged rape happened in New York drills an enormous hole into this theory -- chances of getting exposed are greater when outside your jurisdiction.

What about the theory that the woman is faking it to gain leverage and media exposure? As the TIME article points, Monsieur Dominique has apparently a history of sexual misconduct with women. A few of his former victims have come forward, with one even prepared to file charges in France. The odds seem stacked against Dominique.

Ultimately, I think that the guy is guilty. His history certainly does not help his case. It's just a matter of his arrogance catching up with him -- to attempt to rape a woman who could not be silenced.

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