Monday, May 23, 2011

Steve Ballmer on Windows 8

So here is the second blog-worthy tech post of the day: Steve Ballmer confirms that the next generation version of Microsoft Windows (aka Windows 8) will be arriving next year. The tech community already knew this was going to be happen, but it is good to hear the confirmation from the CEO of Microsoft himself. I personally am thrilled to hear of this announcement -- with some caveats of course.

I am thrilled to hear this because, as much as I like using my work-issued Lenovo Thinkpad, using Windows XP has not been a pleasing experience. [I fail to understand how anyone could prefer Windows XP to even Windows Vista!] As inline with standard geek practices, I plan to upgrade the hardware to something else. Now I can say for certain it will be next year, when Windows 8 arrives.

Why would I wait? For one, I have no desire to pay the extra software upgrade fee that Microsoft likes to charge. Secondly, while I do not find the Windows XP experience enjoyable, it is more than tolerable for my needs and uses. The Thinkpad did come free after all. Thirdly, I look forward to getting my hands on the next-generation hardware to be released next year. For instance, I know that AMD will be well into their "Fusion" roadmap. I am expecting at least a quad-core processor for my next laptop -- remember, x86 processors > ARM processors right now (it's not even close). A Tegra 3 is no match for even Intel's i3 line or AMD's Zacate line.

In terms of features for Windows 8, I am expecting it will be be comprised of a fully sentient AI that is capable of doing my work and my schoolwork for me. I KID, I KID! I am pretty sure that Microsoft will not disappoint. Both Google and Apple has them on their heels in terms of software development as well as marketability. I expect an updated Windows 7 --more power efficient, faster, less glitches-- to say the least.

So there you have it: another confirmation of one of my future gadget purchases. Now if only Asus announces this Kal-El powered tablet...

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