Thursday, May 19, 2011

One More Reason to Want the Samsung Galaxy S II

Anyone curious about cell phones or a gadget geek should already know about the awesome cell phone that is the Samsung Galaxy S II. (If you do not, you should do yourself a massive favor and catchup on this.) I know that I am waiting patiently for it to arrive in the United States. Well, Engadget just released news that might turn that patience into impatience.

So we all know why this phone is so eagerly expected: it's ridiculously thin, amazingly fast processor, gorgeous design, and top-of-the-line display. Geeks everywhere have been proclaiming it as the mythical "iPhone-killer" they have been expecting for years -- even current iPhone users admit to this. As much as I like my current Nokia e71x, this is so much better that I might finally upgrade despite its lack of a physical keyboard (yes, I am old-school). I first owned a touchscreen phone for a month (the Nokia 5800) and I was impressed by everything except the ability to type messages quickly....and the battery life. It has been almost 2 years now and I am sure the technology has improved dramatically since then.

[For those who have read my previous post on tech gadgetry, I no longer want the Motorola Atrix nor the Nokia N8. Or at least not until either made unreasonable price drops to $100 and $150 respectively -- the N8 is contract-free. The reason is simple: the Samsung Galaxy S II just destroys both in performance. The only advantage I see is for Nokia N8's 12 megapixel camera. And even then it's no longer a significant factor.]

The biggest question mark surrounding the phone is, when is the release date? I don't it as being past this summer but Samsung has thus far refused to release any specific details. Not even a guidance. This is frustrating when too many sneak-peeks, hands-ons, and even reviews have been posted by third parties.

If it is ultimately delayed until past the summer, then I might turn to other alternatives. I hear the HTC Sensation is quite nice too...

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