About This Blog

As the title of this blog suggests, the main purpose of this blog is to "chronicle" my experiences as a young professional in the Washington D.C. area. I hope they may offer a unique insight for international readers, provide advice for soon-to-be graduates, and perhaps just as entertainment for everyone else.

This blog begun as a dairy of sorts to track some of some significant events in my life. For example, earlier posts were mostly free-flowing streams of consciousness (a la James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man). But I am in the amidst of revamping the content and structure of this blog -- so it may be more accessible to any readers and offer better quality content. Reading one's opinionated rants can grow old very quickly.

Now a little about me. I graduated last year (Class of 2010) with a bachelor's degree in Economics, which would explain the amount of economic/finance jargon in this blog. You will notice that I will try to remain anonymous -- the main reason is that some things I share can very private/personal. While I wouldn't be surprised if any of my friends identified me after reading some posts, I value even the facade of anonymity. Something else you will notice are references to a person named "Mandy". "Mandy" represents a real person in my life, someone who I like very very much. Unfortunately she has told me that she doesn't feel the same -- but my sentiments toward her remain.

All in all, I will be using this blog to track my journey as both a young professional and an early-twenties individual. I welcome anyone to take a look at this journey.