Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monetization of This Blog

I finished my finals exam a few days ago and have been relishing a class-free summer since. Amongst others small things, I do have personally-assigned projects like learning some programming language (SQL, TOAD, VBA) and playing the guitar.

Lately I have also begun exploring the idea of monetizing this blog -- after coming across an amalgam of success stories. Before you (the imaginary reader?) lash out against this practice, I must point out a few items concerning this monetization process:
  • For now this is just a trial period as I test out the feasibility of including ads.
  • I need some capital to fund blog-expansion methods outlined previously, such as buying a camera to take pictures.
  • 99.9% of the time, the ads will be provided through Google Adsense and be located on the right hand-side of this blog. This means that it should not interfere at all with the posts.
  • I also encourage anyone concerned or curious to contact me with any questions about this monetization process through placing ads on my blog.
The above being said, I encourage all readers to check out the ads if time or personal disposition permits. Some of the ads could be helpful -- and it would certainly help fund my blog-expansion projects.

On top of the things already noted, I also developed an outline to produce original content on a variety of topics. Capturing readers aside, I do want to better develop my writing skills through this blog. Thus I plan to categorize future posts into the following topics:
  1. Young Professional -- this would include reflections about my daily routines, insight into the working world and potential challenges, and other issues related to work environment such as interactions with colleagues and bosses.
  2. Cuisine -- I am certainly not the greatest chef in the world, but I do enjoy cooking and preparing meals to bring to work. My cuisine has a distinct Asian-flavor but are simple and quick to prepare. I will try to take pictures and recount how I prepared the food for anyone interested.
  3. Spirituality/Religion -- I am a devout Christian, so I hope to share my experiences with others about living as a Christian. I will also be summarizing Sunday messages I hear from service and anything else related.
  4. Personal Finance -- as demonstrated in a previous post about budget, I think this is a very important topic for young professionals. I will also be discussing things like planning from retirement and savings, which will be unique as it will be from my own perspective.
  5. General Finance/ Economics -- I majored in Economics and currently pursing a graduate degree in finance, so I can draw from the knowledge I currently possess. I am also a shareholder in some companies, so this topic will be near and dear to me.
  6. Technology -- I am a geek.
  7. Politics/World News/Miscellaneous -- I like to keep track of world events and reflect on their significance. This will be topic I do so.
  8. About This Blog -- I am pretty new to the world of blogging and this marks a new chapter in my attempt to become a better blogger. This topic will consist of any updates to about this blog, blogging in general, including any advice/tips.
Now after reading the breakdown of these topics, you may be wondering how frequent postings will be on these topics. The honest answer at the moment is I am not sure. But I will try to spend 1-2 hours each day blogging on a variety of topics. Some will be blogged more often than others -- for example, technology news may become a daily thing. I am thinking perhaps 4-5 times per day for now.

Thank you for reading! (And please consider checking the ads if interested...)

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