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I must confess something: that I am a geek. I love gadgets and try to keep track of any new developments. This section is the place I share about significant developments I've come across, or about personal thoughts/plans for  gadgets to buy in the future.

Nokia's N9 Debuts. Posted 06-21-2011

iTunes Not a "Cash Cow" for Apple. Posted 06-15-2011

Arrival of AMD's Llano Fusion Chips. Posted 06-14-2011

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AMD Announces the "Desna". Posted 06-01-2011

Asus Announces the...PadPhone?! Posted 05-30-2011

Nvdia Demoes Quad-Core Kal-El Chip. Posted 05-30-2011

World of Warcraft (WoW) as a Social Network. Posted 05-27-2011

Barnes & Noble's New Nook: DOA. Posted 05-26-2011

Google Wallet and Google Offers Arrive. Posted 05-26-2011

Steve Ballmer on Windows 8. Posted 05-23-2011

One More Reason to Want Samsung Galaxy S II. Posted 05-19-2011

Follow Up on Apple's (Potential) New Product. Posted 05-18-2011.

Look at Upcoming Quad-Core Tablets. Posted 05-17-2011.

Look at Apple's Potential New Product. Posted 05-17-2011.

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Gadgets I Am Considering. Posted 04-29-2011.