Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apple Launching New Product Tomorrow?

Just read this article on Boy Genius Report (BGR) about Apple possibly releasing a new product tomorrow -- which apparently marks their 10th retail anniversary (aka since it first opened Apple Stores). The article itself lays out some interesting details about security measures taken to prepare for this sort of event.

Apple planning major product launch for 10th retail anniversary?

So I guess the question is, what could this new product be? As always, let's run through the list of suspects and see...

1. iPhone 4GS -- originally billed as the iPhone 5, but the changes from the current iPhone 4 seems insufficient to warrant a numerical advancement. This revision will include the new A5 dual-core processor found on the iPad 2, along with software adjustments (new iOS?). I think this seems unlikely as the product launching tomorrow, because (1) it is scheduled for the fall release and (2) the white iPhone 4 just came out last month. Apple isn't stupid to cannibalize its sales.

2. iPad 3 -- despite the overwhelming demand, many people (including yours truly) were disappointed with the iPad 2's insufficient changes. The biggest issue was the screen; instead of upgrading to the iPhone 4-like pixel density, Apple opted to keep the original iPad screen. Poor camera resolution was another downer. Furthermore, competition has also been heating up like Asus' Transformer. Yet similar to #1 (iPhone 4GS), not much time has elapsed since the iPad 2 was released. Steve Jobs isn't the CEO if he lacked the strategic acumen.

3. next iPod -- this is definitely more plausible than the previous two but I just don't see it happening. iPod's function as discrete mp3 players has been surpassed by the current generation of smartphones, which package the mp3 player together with internet accessibility, etc. Again, too much potential for sales cannibalization for Apple to introduce a revamped iPod.

4. Software revisions (OSX Lion, and new iOS) -- Apple has been facing stiffer challenges on this front for a while, namely at the hands of Windows 7 and Android respectively. Android in particular has become Apple's Achilles heel, with increasing activations and growing popularity among users. A common complaint against iOS is its lack of customization and closed environment -- which I foresee Apple making the proper adjustments. Although this is much more likely than the previous 3, it seems a bit anti-climatic for Apple to just release software changes on its 10th retail anniversary. Keyword is retail.

5. ? -- I honestly do not have a clue.

The aforementioned speculations are just that: speculations. But unless Apple is planning a new product offering, whatever comes out tomorrow should be one of the above. I guess we will hold our collective breath and see...

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