Monday, May 23, 2011

ASUS Teases the Quad-Core Kal-El Tablet?

Just saw this piece of very interesting news. The hardware manufacturer Asus, now famous for its well-reviewed Asus Transformer tablet, has released a few pictures of an unannounced tablet for the upcoming Computex 2011 (read: an Expo for computing hardware). The teaser ad implied a question about whether this tablet should be considered a tablet or a phone.

There is strong indication that Asus' product will be a mixture of both. Geeks everywhere have begun salivating and speculating.

I am going to tap by optimistic side and hope this is Asus' first Tegra 3 (codename Kal-El) tablet. As previously discussed here, this processor would be the first quad-core processor to be included in mobile computing devices. Although benchmarks are somewhat disappointing (it is on-par with the Core 2 Duo), it's still a big leap forward from current generation dual-core ARM processors. I am definitely in the market for the next available quad-core tablet.

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