Thursday, June 30, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II: No Arrival in Sight

Samsung Galaxy S II, currently the holy grail of smartphones, has no release date in the United States. Thus far it has been released pretty much everywhere but here, in the U S of A. I want one; so does a multitude of other techies and non-techies alike out there. One simply has to glimpse into any smartphone forum to realize just how badly people want this device. Almost too badly, I should say.

To add insult to the injury, Engadget reported that the device is now slated to come out in Canada for the network providers Bell, Sask Tell (??) and Virgin Mobile. Is it slated to hit Bell on July 14th, with the other two providers offering the Samsung Galaxy S II the next after. Why oh why must this be so? Common business sense dictates that if there a demand -- which there clearly is-- then some company will create supply to meet that demand. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the device already has been built and so the only thing left is to find a carrier to offer it. Why won't U.S. carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint offer this thing of beauty? I am starting to suspect some conspiracy involving Apple, like Apple bribing the U.S. carriers to not offer the Samsung device.

Ranting aside, I give this device a maximum of one to one-and-a-half months to show itself in the U.S. before I abandon it for greener pastures. Nokia's first iteration of the Windows Phone 7 platform will soon be released, and I am sure other hardware manufacturers are scrambling to release competitors to the Samsung Galaxy S II. Viable alternatives on the horizon are the Nokia N9 and, heck, even the Nokia N8 looks appealing again.

I would like to politely ask that a U.S. carrier please step up and offer this Samsung device. If Virgin Mobile America decides to follow suit to its Canadian counterpart and offer this phone on their plans, I would drop my current carrier (AT&T) in a heartbeat.

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