Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Update About This Blog

A couple of weeks has elapsed since I last blogged about this blog. I think returning readers probably already noticed the increased number of postings per day, in addition to the greater variety of content in general. But it's been a roller coaster ride of sorts.

My current blogging plan entails of writing on technology news about twice a day, once a day on non-tech news (e.g. finance, world news), and once on non-news items. Every week I will release a lengthy post (pretty much an essay) on a special topic -- last's week was the first. Aside from these, I have also been blogging on Christian values and some book reviews. It's overall been a positive experience so far. For one, I feel I am developing into a better writer (or is it...blogger?).

However, it has also been burdensome to blog so frequently. Generating content isn't an easy endeavor -- especially so when you're working full-time and lack a camera. I have also been tracking the number of hits to my blog and it seems, somewhat undesirably, that the majority come from technology news section. I say "undesirably" because I feel that posts on tech news isn't really original; I am simply reverberating something another site/individual has found out about already. In addition, I think there have been cases where I felt a "writers bloc" in writing my posts. This latter problem is exacerbated by the fact that I am a slow writer.

Yet I will continue on! It's much too early to call it quits and, if anything, a quitter I am not. I am looking to buy a camera soon, or install superior graphics software, or both. This will allow me to stop plagiarizing images from other sites and post my own.

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