Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Closer Look at NVIDIA Kal-El

Looks like I am quickly degenerating into a Kal-El-dependent fiend. An initial fancy has now morphed into something of an obsession (as evident by the number of blog posts devoted to it). To put it simply, I want a tablet but I want the best. Kal-El-powered tablets seem to be the best and...they also happen to be the best.

As reported here on Engadget, Nvidia showed up a reference device (read: prototype) for a Kal-El tablet. The "hands-on" didn't reveal much aside from the same game demo I posted before. What's interesting is that the device is real and alive! This breeds (?) hope that a Kal-El tablet will be released within the coming months. If this hope should be false, then I may have to wait until the winter.

The problem with waiting until winter is that Windows 8 will soon be released (early 2012). From the demonstrations of it shown, Microsoft seems to have done an impressive job. Furthermore, Nvidia's mobile chips are often dominated by similar chips by its rivals -- which means the Kal-El will lose out to quad-core chips to be released by TI (Texas Instruments) and Qualcom. Case in point is the comparison of processing power between the Tegra 2 versus Samsung's Exynous and even Apple's A5.

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