Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apple's New Spaceship Campus

I haven' been posting as frequently as I should -- "my bad". It's been a busy week looking for housing, especially now that I definitely have to move out by the end of this month. Apparently the person I was subleasing is not allowed to sublease to others and, as a result, he is getting evicted. This means we are also.

Personal quips aside, I just came across a fascinating report about Apple's upcoming plans for its new campus. Yahoo News reports that Steve Jobs himself made a pilgrimage to the City Council meeting in Cupertino (California) and revealed plans for a brand-new, state-of-the-art company headquarters. This is something to be expected. After all, Apple's sales revenue is growing by leaps and bounds -- along with its profitability.

BUT, what was not expected was the design of the this new headquarters building. As evident from below's image, it looks ALIEN SPACESHIP!

The proposed building will apparently be four stories high and house 12,000 employees. It is important to note that given Apple's current employee headcount of 2,800, they are expecting even more incredible growth for the foreseeable future. The actual location will be on the current Hewlett-Packard campus, near "Pruneridge Avenue and Wolfe Road" (whatever that is). It'll span 150 acres.

Putting aside the awesomeness (not to mention audacity) of the design, it's interesting to note that the middle of this disc-shaped building will be a courtyard. This complements Steve Job's alleged affinity for mother nature and zen-ish themes. The proposed plan will obviously be approved -- especially when Steve Jobs himself is making an appearance. Let's see how Microsoft and Google compete with that!

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