Tuesday, February 8, 2011


(Foreword: Mandy is not the name of the actual person, just a pseudonym for practical purposes. Let's just say I have an irrational fear of being identified.)

Mandy is the girl of my dreams. Actually, as the movie "500 Days of Summer" says so well, she is better than the girl of my dreams...because she is real. She is kind, beautiful, quirky, and absolutely amazing. (Affection can be very difficult to define -- and I almost certainly failed to define it here.)

Why do I like her? Aside from the reasons I just mentioned, I do not exaggerate when I say that she has the power to make me happy on any given day. It's funny because her mere presence can do that...which sounds vaguely pathetic... We also happen to share very similar religious beliefs, of similar age, and from similar cultural backgrounds.

(Yes, I am pretty much in love with Mandy.)

But unfortunately, Mandy does not feel the same about me. I know for certain because she has told me so herself. No reason was given.

(Yeah...I am going to stop writing this post. Not a happy subject...)

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