Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Hour: Ping Pong

One of the new attractions of post-graduate life is attending happy hours with friends. A "Happy Hour", for those unfamiliar with the terminology, is a fixed time slot in most restaurants or bars during which prices for drinks and food are greatly reduced. They normally last only for a couple of hours on weekdays, directly after work hours (e.g. 5-7pm). Happy hours are pretty popular for young professionals -- probably due to the reduced prices of beverages and food.

So I attended a happy hour last night with a couple of friends from high school. We went to Ping Pong, a dim sum placed located in Chinatown. The place was pretty posh and spacious, so I was impressed. Their happy hour is from 4-7pm on weekdays and, by the time we left around 7pm, it got very packed.

To be honest, I am not much of a drinker nor a connoisseur of different cuisines. The main reason I went was to catch up with the two friends. The dim sum was good but it was too pricey -- even with the happy hour prices. Drinks (I got the "Ping Pong") were okay, as it wasn't really anything too unique nor extravagant. The waiter was helpful though and the atmosphere pretty good so, altogether, everything was alright.

On the way out, I was struck by the multitude of people crowded around the bar. I recall making a comment about how some people probably do this everyday -- at different restaurants probably. Just not quite the thing for me: I'd much rather go to a sit down place or tour somewhere and grab a quick bite to eat. Good experience though.

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