Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Development Goals

A little background about me:

I graduated last May from a private university with a double major in Economics and in International Studies. Following a 2-month hiatus of finding a job, I took the opportunity to become a paralegal for a well-known immigration law firm. The original intention was to gain experience before ultimately going to attend law school. But I wanted to have a Plan B in case my interest waned and thus began taking graduate courses for a past-time Masters in Finance program. I was glad to have done so because my interest in the legal field ultimately did fizzle out.

I was very fortunate to have been offered an entry-level position in an international consulting firm in Washington D.C. So I gave notice to the law firm (which was one of the most difficult things to do -- akin to breaking up with someone) and began the new year in my new job as a Business Analyst. It has been a very positive experience thus far...

...but looking ahead, I have thought about a number of development goals for myself. They are separately vaguely by category and not ranked in any particular order. I hope to better explain some details as time goes on:

Academic Development
  • Increase GPA for the graduate program (3.7+<)
  • Build comprehensive skills and understanding of modern businesses
  • Network with peers and professors
  • Improve language skills (e.g. Chinese Mandarin, French, Portuguese)

Spiritual Development
  • Grow deeper in faith and in trusting God for everything
  • Live in thankfulness everyday and with humility
  • Love others with the lovingkindness God has demonstrated
  • Serve the church and minister to others

Personal Development
  • Volunteer time to help those in need, and increase charitable giving
  • Become a better and more effective orator/communicator

Social Development
  • Win over Mandy (Mandy = girl of my dreams)
  • Become more sociable to others
  • Continue to maintain friendships with high school friends, college friends, and family

Career/Professional Development
  • Mastery of Access, Excel, and Oracle Applications
  • Complete Element K Certificate programs (PMP, Office Specialist, etc.)
  • Become integral part of project team and of the company
  • Understand the company business better
  • Migrate onto "Future State" team
  • Take on additional leadership duties and network with corporate leaders
  • Continue to network and explore other possibilities within the company
  • Start my own business as a learning experience

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