Thursday, July 21, 2011

Step Up to the Plate, Google Nexus 3 Phone

My trusty source of gadget information, Engadget, post an article early today announcing the soon-to-be arrival of the Samsung Nexus S smartphone on AT&T network on July 24th. There is nothing exciting about this announcement. When it was first released on Sprint last December, the Nexus S was an impressive piece of smartphone hardware. It boasted the newest version of Android OS, along with the impressive specifications of a 1Ghz processor and plenty of memory. But today, it has been outclassed by the flood of dual-core smartphones like the Motorola Atrix flooding the market.

All hail to the Neximus Prime!

Yet I picked up some interesting rumors in the comments section. A few people joked how the need to get the Nexus S when its iteration was just around the corner. As any good tech junkie would, I looked into the rumor and voila, they are true. An announcement has not been made yet, but all signs point to a release of the Samsung Nexus S Prime (going a little heavy on the Transformers theme, eh?). There is no fixed date, only an estimated of late 2011. The upcoming device is rumored to run on the next stage of Android development (2.4, Ice Cream Sandwich), packing a Super AMOLED HD display and a possible Tegra 3 processor. Pretty impressive specs.

Part of the reason I am writing about the Nexus S Prime is out of frustration about the Samsung Galaxy S II. As noted previously, there is no indication when the superphone will be arriving here in the United States. It seems to have arrived in every other country already. (What are you doing, Verizon and AT&T?) I refuse to believe the suggestions that it will arrive statewide in August until I see the device. Looks like I may forsake one Samsung smartphone for another eh? Good job Samsung, least you know you'll make money from me...the only question is, when?

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