Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cuisine Fix: Hot Dogs

As announced in this post, I will be putting my culinary skills to display by documenting and blogging about the food I make. Not much has happened since the initial announcement due to a few factors: I have been eating a lot of homemade food, lack of time to purchase proper ingredients, and a general lack of time. The first is attributed to being on the receiving end of family cooked (frozen) meals; the second due to the erratic happenings of moving apartments; and the third just the busyness of things. But fear not readers! I am here to show you...HOT DOGS!

Okay, so you are probably laughing at the nature of the food I have presented. Hot dogs are amongst the easiest foods one can prepare, and generally lack much nutritional value. But I was craving some hot dogs this past week -- and decided that one blog post is better than none.

The cost of the ingredients added up to be about $3-4 total, which makes you about 8 hot dogs (for the math-inclined, that's about 50 cents per hot dog). Breakdown is as follows: $1 for a pack of franks, $1 for a bag of buns, $1 for a sweet onion, and $1 for all the energy usage as well as the ketchup. Preparing the hot dogs is extremely easy -- microwave a frank, stick it into a bun, cut some onions on top, and layer with ketchup. [At least this is my preferred way of eating a hot dog.] You can customize to your heart's content by adding things like mustard, or grilling the frank instead of microwaving it.

The corn that you see in one of the pictures is another extremely easy addition. Buy knobs of corn (currently average price is about 10 for $2), peel them, boil in water for 5-7 minutes, and simply enjoy. I liked the combination of hot dog and corn. Not the healthiest thing in the world, but it takes about 2 minutes to prepare -- very useful when time is of the essence.

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