Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(Yet Another) Blog Update

[This will be a short status update as I am still working on posting more. Today's triple posts is an outlier to the norm.]

The biggest change over the past few weeks to this blog is the decreased number of technology-related posts. While the lack of exciting news was a factor, this change was mainly the result of a personal decision. I realized that the 50-plus views enjoyed before (now this is about ~25 a day) is attributable to the various "tech news" I had been blogging about. It seems a lot of people were coming across my blog when searching for more information on the tech announcements -- and I suspect they were not interested to read my thoughts/opinions. More readership is nice, but I do not want to compromise the purpose and quality of this blog for just that.

I have been making an attempt to write more about the young professional life, and reflecting on my own experiences to advise others. Hopefully this will become the main focus of this blog for the future. All the other topics (e.g. cuisine, personal finance) serve mainly to entertain.

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