Monday, August 15, 2011

Back from Blogging Hiatus

Although I did not announce my absence from blogging, the important news is that now I am back. It's been a roller coaster of a week or so since I last blogged. The main explanation for my absence is that I went on vacation with some friends to Ocean City (MD) and, as much as I like blogging, it's a difficult endeavor when the sun is shinning and the beach is beckoning.

I will probably be elaborating on some of the following over the next few days but, to give a glimpse of the roller coaster ride I had been on, here are some key events that happened:
  • Ran someone over on my bike to work
  • Took and subsequently failed a waiver exam
  • Enjoyed the beach for the first time in 2 (?) years
  • Watched the sunrise twice
  • Was rejected again by Mandy
As you might surmise, the last bullet point was definitely the most pivotal one of the bunch. But all in all, it has been an adrenaline-filled week and a half. I am back and these "Chronicles" will continue.

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