Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Amazing Easter Weekend

This past Easter weekend (two days ago) was perhaps one of the best weekends I recently have had. While these euphemisms (eupherism?) are often thrown around left and right, I sincerely believe mine was. The reasons are simple:
  1. It rained heavily on Good Friday, throughout most of Saturday, became very sunny for most of Sunday and into Monday. The weather and the religious significance of the weekend were markedly in sync.
  2. I felt it was very productive -- I did my homework, cleaned the house, and spent quality time with good friends. Even won a Settlers of Catan board game.
  3. After Easter service, I went out for a good lunch with friends from church and afterward for some ice cream. A perfect meal in my book.
  4. Extending into Monday, I worked remotely as my parents and brother did not return from their trip until late Sunday night. My brother did not have school on Monday and I took the opportunity to treat him to lunch. Afterward I opted to remain at home (thereby skipping class) for a family dinner. Work was pretty much finished in the morning.
One thing I do want to remember is the Sunday's message given at my church's Easter service. The focal point was on the resurrection power of Christ, who was raised back to life from a death for our sins. This brought to mind the passage in Romans (?) about how there is nothing at all that can separate us from the love of Christ, as we are more conquerors of anything that stands in our path. At times it can be difficult when unpleasant life events come our way, but it is important to remember the power granted to us through the resurrection. It is a power of healing, confidence and, most importantly, to love others.

Amongst the issues brought up by the speaker(s) was the resurrection power to heal broken relationships. Naturally I thought of Mandy and how our relationships has, truthfully, become very much fragmented, strained, and awkward. I often fluctuate between the sudden desire to speak with her and the fear of embarrassment -- or worse, causing a scene or an awkward moment for her. Therefore I have taken to avoiding her mostly, to which I think she acts very similarly. But this is no way to live. For one, we are not apart and interactions will come whether by our choice or not; for another, I still very much like her. I hope to take an opportunity in the near future to just communicate to her the sincere desire, devoid of personal sentiments (however hard that may be), to just "patch things up" so we may at very least be friends.

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