Thursday, September 1, 2011

(Yet Another) Blog Status Update

Here we are again. I haven't posted anything for the past week and a half. The standard excuses apply: work, school has started, and I am still a tiny sad about Mandy. But these excuses aside, I am hereby officially announcing a reduction of my work on this blog. Rather than "beating around the bush" on the subject by offering excuses after excuses for the (obvious) inactivity, I think it is best to be forthcoming. Does this mean I will stop blogging altogether? NO. It just means I will be posting less frequently.

A few reasons has led to this announcement of sorts:

  1. School has started and I will be devoting a significant chunk of free time to homework.
  2. Really need to be better prepared for work, such as learning the necessary programming language to be successful.
  3. Am part of a campus Christian fellowship and outreach to students will further consume significant chunks of free time.
  4. Would rather spend a little more time on reading and playing sports than spending a couple of hours a day writing about a myriad of different subjects.
In addition to reason #4, the biggest factor for my future diminished activity is that these past few months with blogging have been an experiment of sorts. When I first started back in April, the goal was to push hard and see where I can go with it. I had some grand vision of eventually becoming a professional blogger (aka quitting my current job). At first the main issue was creating content to attract readers to my blog -- this took time but I understood the effort needed. Readership steadily picked up to the point of my blog averaging 50-60 views per day (~1000 views per month) by late June. I was pretty encouraged by this.

Yet for some reason, the amount of views hit a wall at this point. I never surpassed this threshold, except on occasions when some unique posts attracted short-spurts of interest. (I am also responsible for slightly diminishing my blogging output). In addition I found myself lacking the time to blog, since it mostly was a reflection of personal experiences (e.g. writing a book review requires that I first read the book). These two issues combined was discouraging; the 4 reasons listed above only sunk the ship faster. Henceforth, I will be blogging perhaps 4-5 times per week on the identical range of topics as before. 

Another obstacle I should point out is that Blogger, as good of a blogging platform as it is, can at times be frustrating to use. The level of customizations are very limited, for example. It's actually mind-boggling that a Google-owned site of great potential is marred by a lack of refinement. I think I would set up my own blogging site next time -- if I ever took up this experiment again.

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