Friday, March 11, 2011

iPad 2 Release Day

Long story short, my brother's birthday is coming up soon and I owe him a sizable gift. Originally I planned to buy him a new Xbox 360 with Kinect but, at my parents' (read: mom's) protest, this will probably now become an iPad 2. I personally dislike Apple products but my brother's a fan -- and it's his birthday after all.

Just read the following post on Engadget concerning people waiting outside in long lines for the iPad 2 (I still envy that brand power!). The post can be found here:

I refer to the post because I just read a hilarious comment made by a reader. Now, the recent tragedy in Japan (earthquake + tsunami) is no laughing matter and I fully express my condolences to all those affected. But the comment is simply hilarious:

Commenter 1: These guy deserved a tsunami more than Japan. Joy to the sight of iFans piling up together griping their iPads and looking for an apps to help them out. Do you have an apps for that?

Commenter 2: iSwim and iDrown. Unfortunately iSwim didn't want to let Apple take their 30% protection fee.

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